Please now use the Bobby Nichols Golf Course Gate entrance at 4400 Paralee Drive off of East Pages Lane. If you get lost the address to the Golf Course is 4301 East Pages Lane, Louisville, KY 40272.


Waverly Hills Sanatorium is known as one of the most haunted places in America. Each year thousands of people visit Waverly to see the architecture, learn of the rich history, or chance an encounter with the unknown. The Waverly Hills Historical Society runs tours by reservation only each year, March through August.

There are three main types of tours; Guided Tours follow a strict path with a tour guide, Public Investigations that allow free roam for a period of time on each floor, and Private Investigations, which allow for free investigation of the building with or without a guide after initial walk-through.

Tour and Investigation Offerings

Paranormal Guided Tours

Visit one of the ‘most haunted locations in the world’! Embark on an exciting and bone-chilling two-hour paranormal adventure, experiencing the most famous locations in Waverly Hills while learning the rich history of a place loved by thousands around the world and integral to Louisville, Kentucky. The two-hour paranormal tour is a guided tour that visits the most well-known areas of Waverly, including the morgue, room 502, and even the body chute.

​​Historical Guided Tours

The 2 Hour Historical tour is a Sunday afternoon daytime tour. Learn about the rich history of Waverly in much more detail than the night time tours. You will get to visit many of the locations of the Paranormal Tour plus a few additional, and learn what life was like for patients and staff at Waverly, the construction and architecture, as well as have a great opportunity for daytime photos of the building.

Public Investigations

Experience a bone-chilling six-hour paranormal adventure, experiencing the most famous locations in Waverly Hills while having the opportunity to free roam and investigate on your own. Public Investigations are semi-guided, so a guide will be available as needed after an initial walkthrough. The group is split into two, each investigating half the building the first half of the night then switching, allowing everyone opportunity for as much or as little alone time as you like.

Private Investigations

Private Investigations are offered on Sunday through Thursday nights and afford a chance for unlimited investigation and free-roam of Waverly Hills with you and your group. Set up equipment, record, and spend as much time as you like in any spot for as long as you like. Private Investigation spots do book quickly, so please have a date ready when scheduling goes live in January of each year.

**PLEASE NOTE** Anyone seeking to host an event at Waverly Hills MUST have permission from the owners & Waverly Hills Historical Society. Private investigations are for private paranormal groups ONLY, not events. If you intend to bring MORE than 10 participants for your private investigation, you will need to contact the Waverly Hills office before booking.


Note: Only Private Paranormal Investigation groups are able to reserve the Pump house Bunkhouse. Ability to stay on Waverly property in an original historic building. The Old Waverly Hills Water Treatment House has been converted into the Waverly Hills Bunk House. After your private investigation, you can opt to stay and sleep in the Waverly Hills Bunk House.

Select the “Private Investigation with Accommodations” ticket, and You will need to bring your own sleeping bag, pillow, and blanket. Also your own towels and any personals you may need. The building will provide shelter from the elements, water, showers & electricity, air-conditioning, and heat. Television, DVD player with movies and a radio are also provided. The Bunk House is in the woods & sits right next to the end of the Body Chute. You can choose to sleep or continue your investigation in the Bunk House. Checkout time is Noon.

We look forward to seeing you in 2021!

Tours and Investigations Pricing

Our Guided Tours & Paranormal Investigation season runs March – August of each calendar year. Reservations are required.

Paranormal Guided Tour

  • $25 per guest.
  • Tour approximately 1 1/2 – 2 hours.
  • Friday and Saturday Nights, March – August.
  • Start times vary.
  • We suggest no one under the age of 13 years old.
  • No one under 10 years of age will be permitted.
  • Anyone under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult at least 21 years of age.

Daytime Historical Guided Tour

  • $25 per guest
  • Tour approximately 1 1/2 – 2 hours.
  • 2 Sundays Each Month March – August.
  • Begins at 2:30 pm ET. Again, we suggest no one under the age of 13 years old.
  • No one under the age of 10 years old will be permitted.
  • Anyone under 18 years of age, must be accompanied by a responsible adult at least 21 years of age.

Public Paranormal Investigation

  • $75 per guest
  • Friday and Saturday Nights (12AM – 6AM) in March – August.
  • Must be 18 years old (ID required).

Private Paranormal Investigations

  • $1000.00 (10 people minimum, $100/Person or paying equivalent of 10 persons for fewer. $100.00 per person over 10 may pay on arrival)
  • On the Private Paranormal Investigations you can bring under 18 years of age guest.
  • No one under the age of 13 years of age will be permitted.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult, at least 21 years of age.
  • $100.00 per guest, plus Eventbrite fee.
  • Must have at least a group of 10 or pay the equivalent of.
  • Any over 10 are $100.00 per guest plus Eventbrite fee.

Please read all rules & guidelines or call the reservation office Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm for more information.


Please Note: We are working very hard to restore and preserve Waverly Hills Sanatorium. At this time, there are no working elevators. There are many stairs to walk. They are not walked all at once. They are taken slowly. But, there are 5 flights of stairs in total on the tour. Please plan accordingly!

We Thank You for your support in Helping Us Save Waverly Hills!

Waverly Hills Sanitorium